Victim Awareness


VICTIM AWARENESS focuses on you and your victim.  This course attempts to put the participant into the shoes of not only the victim, but also loved ones of the victim.  The course also looks at several facets of Restorative Justice: Remorse, Forgiveness and Making Amends.

The goal of the VICTIM AWARENESS course is to encourage the participant to understand the impact and magnitude of the commitment offense by realizing that those injured by a violent crime include individuals the participant may have never even considered.

The VICTIM AWARENESS curriculum covers lessons such as: ‘Who is a Victim?, ‘The Effects on Your Victim/Victim’s Loved Ones’, ‘Accepting Responsibility’, ‘Accountability’, ‘Remorse’, ‘Forgiveness’ and ‘Making Amends’.

The VICTIM AWARENESS course is 15 Lessons.  Each lesson consists of a Self-Assessment portion, a Reflection and Discussion portion, and an Essay portion with 3 to 6 short essays to complete.  Once the participant completes all 15 lessons, he is issued a Certificate of Completion.