Turning Point


TURNING POINT teaches life skills by providing the tools for inmates to find the reasons for their criminal behavior and correct this behavior.

Our mission with the TURNING POINT correspondence course is to begin assisting inmates in the process of “personal change” many months before their actual release from prison.

The TURNING POINT course provides comprehensive instructions and practical application exercises geared towards the interest of California inmates and is designed specifically for their unique learning environments.

TURNING POINT curriculum materials cover basic and definitive subject lessons on: Job Preparation, Parenting, Anger Management, Communication, Professional and Social Etiquette, Resiliency, Decorum, Health and Hygiene, Dress and Style, Time Management, Goal Setting, and much more…

This TURNING POINT curriculum is divided into Part I and Part II. Each of these Parts consists of 8 Modules and 5 Lessons each (40 Lessons Total). For those inmates who complete the 40 Lessons of a particular Part, a certificate will be issued to that individual.