PARENTING focuses on skills to improve family relations and healthy child development through self-examination. Are we good examples for our children to emulate.

The mission of PARENTING is to encourage participants to a better understanding of what is means to raise a child. To analyze how drugs and alcohol, anger and stress in a parent can effect a child. And to discuss the relationship between husband and wife, and the role each has in rearing children.

The Parenting curriculum covers a wide variety of topics. Part I Lessons include: ‘Getting Started’; ‘What is a Man’; ‘Physical and Mental Health’; ‘Spirituality and Change’ and ‘Expressing Anger’. Part II Lessons include: both Drinking and Anger in Stress; ‘Recognizing Feelings of Grief and Loss’; ‘Love and Relationships’; and ‘The Role of the Father’. and Part III Lessons cover: ‘Fathering and Fun’; ‘Building Self-Worth’; ‘Being a Fair and Loving Father’; and ‘Creating a Fathering Plan’.

The PARENTING curriculum is divided into three parts. Each Part has 8 Lessons. Each lesson consists of a Self-Assessment portion, a Reflection and Discussion portion, and an Essay portion with 3 to 6 short essays to complete. Once the participant completes all 24 lessons, he is issued a Certificate of Completion.