Get Involved


Internship Opportunities

Other Ways to get involved:

  • Volunteer at the PREP office- every minute of every day we welcome volunteers
    to come to know, help and support us
  • Become a pen pal
  • Visit a prison facility
  • Work in the mail room
  • Be a networker with local programs

I have found the more help we get the better to find insight of why we commit crime. Your Prep has help me not only find that but it also help me understand who I was and who I can become now.” – Faustino Corona, San Diego

At times I surprise myself. I think I have the kind of understanding I need for the growth that has been missing from my life.” – Don Luebbers, Stockton

I have completely dropped out of the gang life and these Turning Point/Self-Help classes opened my eyes to reality. If it weren’t for PREP, I may not have ever seen the light.” – Jason Comins, Corcoran