Gang Awareness & Recovery

GANG AWARENESS & RECOVERY addresses the options available to those with the courage and determination to lease the lifestyle and move into the mainstream of society.

The mission of GANG AWARENESS & RECOVERY is for the participant to explore any/all influences and the sources of violence from the past by reviewing feelings, reactions and behaviors. In addition, the participant’s current behaviors, motivations, and goals will be closely addresses.
In addition to numerous lessons on the influence, structure, and lifestyle of gang behavior, The GANG AWARENESS & RECOVERY curriculum covers lessons such as: ‘Peer Pressure’, ‘Cultural Influence’, ‘Choice and Change’, ‘Effects Upon Children’, and ‘The Solution’.
The GANG AWARENESS & RECOVERY curriculum is 15 Lessons. Each lesson consists of a Self-Assessment portion, a Reflection and Discussion portion, and an Essay portion with 3 to 6 short essays to complete. Once the participant completes all 15 lessons, he is issued a Certificate of Completion.