Domestic Violence


DOMESTIC VIOLENCE addresses the need to improve communication skills at home, social behavior in the workplace and within the community.

The mission of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is for the participant to explore any/all influences and the sources of violence from the past by reviewing feelings, reactions and behaviors.  In addition, the participants current behaviors, motivations, and goals will be closely addresses.

The DOMESTIC VIOLENCE curriculum covers lessons such as: ‘Myths about Domestic Violence’, ‘Attitudes Towards’, ‘Blame and Denial’, ‘Effects Upon Children’, and ‘Changing Attitudes, behaviors and habit’.

The DOMESTIC VIOLENCE curriculum is 14 Lessons. Each lesson consists of a Self-Assessment portion, a Reflection and Discussion portion, and an Essay portion with 3 to 6 short essays to complete. Once the participant completes all 14 lessons, he is issued a Certificate of Completion.