Correspondence Courses

  • Turning Point I & II: life skills providing tools to find ways to correct criminal behavior


  • Anger Management: how to deal with life’s stresses and problems in an effective non-violent manner
  • Parenting: skills for improving family relations
  • Domestic Violence: focuses on relationships in the home, workplace and with friends.
  • Insight: prepares lifers for her/his Board of Parole Hearing (BPH) with focus on Attitude, previous transcripts, psych reports, who I was when I committed my crime/who I am now, the Crime, Transformation, Forgiveness/Remorse and key questions for reflection.
  • Gang Awareness & Recovery: addresses the options available to those with the courage and determination to leave a gang lifestyle and move into the mainstream of society.
  • Victim Awareness: focuses on you and your victim; it puts you into the shoes of your victim to better understand the impact and magnitude of your crime.

I look forward to creating change and rebuilding character through the tools learned in these courses … in this God given endeavor that is changing the lives of thousands of people, which also heals and reunites families, building stronger communities.” -Joaquin Diaz, Coalinga

If I walk in God’s light, anything is possible to overcome any emotional defects I have.” – Darrol McMurray, Folsom