Art Show

The Faith & Hope ART SHOWS: Beyond Prison Walls- Art of the Incarcerated are a SIGNATURE for PREP. They serve not only as a friend-raiser but as a two-fold education in:

  • The work that PREP does with the incarcerated through self-help correspondence courses to provide rehabilitation; PREP also greatly values prison visits to give presence and restore dignity to the inmates.
  • That positive programming in prison transforms inmates to return to the community

The staff at the art show are living proof of this change. Staff members talk at the Masses and receive much praise for their change and new life.

We at PREP remain in deep gratitude to each of you who send us your art. Particularly we thank MCCF Wizards of Taft and IAOP (Inmate Arts Outreach Project) at Mule Creek for regular “packages” of art work.

The first show of our 12th season will be September 22 at Homeboy with their 5K walk/run, followed by a show at Pilgrim Place in Claremont September 29.

Thank you to INMATES for continuing to send us your treasured pieces in these 4 months so we open with your spectacular pieces. Thank you to SPONSORS for your faithfulness to our art show and the PREP.

Faith & Hope Art Shows (Video by Dale Lozier)