Anger Management


ANGER MANAGEMENT looks at the old adage of counting to ten when anger is beginning to boil over it not bad advice. Think BEFORE you act; this is pretty much ALWAYS a good thing. Take the time to breathe, to think and to step away from the brink of bad behavior.

The mission of ANGER MANAGEMENT is to encourage the participant to do some deep-down soul-searching, to recognize triggers, and to be able to under that these stressors will continue to exist, but can be addressed in an effective non-violent manner.

The ANGER MANAGEMENT curriculum covers lessons such as: ‘What is Anger’, ‘Pride and Anger’, ‘Myths about Anger’, ‘Self-Inflicted Anger’, ‘Feeling Controlled’, and ‘Pride and Anger’.

The ANGER MANAGEMENT curriculum is 13 Lessons. Each lesson consists of a Self-Assessment portion, a Reflection and Discussion portion, and an Essay portion with 3 to 6 short essays to complete. Once the participant completes all 13 lessons, he is issued a Certificate of Completion.