PREP Restorative Justice, the Partnership for Re-Entry Program, is a non-profit organization that seeks ways of improving the successful re-integration of parolees back into the community by providing inmates with pre-release self-help modular correspondence courses.

The goals of the program are to transform the individual to create productive members of society, reducing the population of our jails and prisons which will lessen the financial burden on taxpayers, while making our community safer and stronger.

PREP Restorative Justice is a ministry of Prison Re-Entry, Archdiocese of Los Angeles, funding is provided by grants and donations.

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This section contains videos related to PREP staff interviews and their life changes experiences.
Your support helps to transform the lives of men and women within the prison facilities.


Darrol McMurray, Folsom

If I walk in God’s light, anything is possible to overcome any emotional defects I have.

David Ariaz, Pelican Bay

With every certificate I’ve received for completing self-help courses and with every certificate I receive, I gain more confidence, self-esteem and sense of accomplishment … The course helped me get to know the Why? I did the things I did. It helped me question myself and realize that I’ve been doing things wrong all along.

Robert Gomez

“My understanding on my actions, crime, and other factors in my life is broader and I find that I can now act responsibly and be a productive individual. More importantly, hope and faith in life in the Lord shines anew in my heart. This was the key element that was missing in my life, and now that I have it my life is richer.”

Joseph Castro

“I have to say that I really like the PREP program. It has made me think about myself and what I need to do to make myself a better person. I am so glad that I wrote to you and requested the PREP re-entry program. “

Byron Summersville

“I thank you and truly appreciate your support. It has been a very long time since someone has not only been willing to give me a fresh start, but also be willing to give me the benefit of the doubt and a new opportunity of life.”

Daniel Brownsword

“I want to share with you how Turning Point has already enriched my life: Here in the yard that I live on, there are two housing units. With what I have learned, I have been able to work as a volunteer within their groups and as a mentor to several of these young men. And it makes me feel very good to finally be able to give back in such a rewarding way. It has given me a sense of purpose and direction. I thank you and TP for the life changing program which you are guiding me through.”

Karyn Sinunu
Towery, Assistant District Attorney, Santa Clara

“I am a prosecutor in the unusual position of advocating for his release on parole. Unfortunately the Board did not find him suitable. That decision is being challenged. It is my intention to stand by this inmate, so we may be calling on you again in the next year for another letter of acceptance into your wonderful re-entry program.”

David Hooker

“These lessons are difficult, they are forcing me out of my comfort zone and making me think from perspectives I hadn’t considered.”

William Holmes

“This course awoke me to all my life was missing: setting goals, a future, direction, insight, and simply knowing myself.”

Robert Morris

“Going into the program wasn’t for the Board or a piece of paper, it was to fully understand.”